AKUBIS® direct now in clip format

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From the 01/08 to 29/08/2016 AKUBIS® direct will take a summer break. We’ll be back again from the 30/08/2016 - and we’ll have the following innovative features for you:

After the summer break AKUBIS® direct will be available in clip format. I.e., AKUBIS® direct will no longer be transmitted as a 30-minute program. Instead, you can call up individual clips on important and current Mercedes-Benz service topics individually – around the world and up to the minute.

And this is how you can access the AKUBIS® direct clips:

1. All AKUBIS® direct clips and our other AKUBIS® formats (AKUBIS® direct special, AKUBIS® direct sales, AKUBIS® selected audience) can be found as usual on the AKUBIS® terminal. All AKUBIS® broadcasts and clips can be viewed or downloaded directly on the terminal.

2. If you are already participating in the rollout of the new GT app, you have the option under: mobile.gt.mercedes-benz.com to access the current AKUBIS® program preview and AKUBIS® media center with the broadcasts of all AKUBIS® formats.

Please note that the former website of AKUBIS® and the media center of AKUBIS® direct will no longer be available from 08/30/2016.


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